Hi, my name is Zoltán Rajcsányi

and I'm

living in Hungary.

Vue gallery

Vue Gallery

I wrote a gallery example with vue.js. codepen.io

Vue Modal

Vue.js component

I wrote a modal component with vue.js. codepen.io



Boilerplate project helps to search Material Icons and FontAwesome symbols offline. iconsear.ch


About me

I'm a happy family guy, steak addicted, who loves science and technology in general. Mostly, I try to learn everything I can. In my opinion, getting your hands dirty is the best way to learn a new skill.

Most of my coding experience were built upon the PHP/MySQL DB, but I have played in the past with some other things like Pascal, Delphi, MSSql server and Linux. A couple years ago I started to play with JQuery to take the rust off my Javascript skills, and I'm still loving it.

I'm open minded to new technologies, but fullstack web development and distributed systems are the two things that have grabbed my attention recently.

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